Are you inspired?

The 80’s was my era as a kid, it was the golden age of ALL action movies, & I grew up watching Schwarzenegger & Stallone doing their thing.

Rocky, Rambo, Terminator, Commando Predator, The Running Man… the list goes on!

Like most of my mates at the time, I actually wanted to be Arnold/ Sly…I don’t mind admitting to drinking (or attempting to) raw eggs after watching Sly in action.

I also still remember getting my first set of weights from Argos & doing that many bicep curls that I couldn’t move my arms for days…

This are cheesy memories, but we ALL need inspiration at times in our lives, not just as kids (or impressionable teenagers).

As adults we also need to be inspired & motivated.

The difference is, as we grow older, we can have more freedom to choose how we spend our valuable time on this planet & being around the right people can make a huge difference to our lives.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you currently inspired?
  • Do you know what actually inspires you?
  • Does the environment in which you train/work inspire you?
  • Do the people around you inspire you?

It doesn’t have to raw eggs and barbells, but I encourage you to find your own source of inspiration.

Tristan ‘eye of the tiger’ Buttle

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