Is it a ‘cheat’ meal?

cheat meal

To cheat is defined as:

Using unfair or deceitful methods’…

‘Unsporting, unprincipled, underhand’…

‘The action or state of being unfaithful

Cheating in ANY area of your life is considered VERY bad, yet when it comes to food it’s thrown around very freely.

Cheat meals are typically (not always) consumed at the weekend after ‘being good’ during the week. This can often lead to some people obsessing over one single meal all week long! The temptation of the ‘cheat meal’ is also often exaggerated by following a bland, boring repetitive ‘meal plan’ all week. 

Sadly, I’ve seen this approach damage FAR too many peoples relationship with food and, most importantly, their relationship with themselves.

Worst case, it can promote binging, obsessiveness, and potential long term eating disorders.


Once you understand calories you can eat foods you actually enjoy every single day of your life, without feeling the overwhelming desire to ‘cheat’!

As a trainer I have a huge responsibility to my clients & my audience not to provide or promote any damaging behaviours, if we can start by being mindful of we talk about ourselves to ourselves, that’s a huge step forward.

Its just a word, but words can be very powerful, especially when you are linking them to your behaviours.

It’s not about whether you have been ‘good’ or ‘bad’, or whether you have ‘cheated’; its about understanding your decisions, your choices and allowing yourself to be successful long term.

If you have any questions, or I can help you with anything else,  please do give me a shout.

Tristan ‘not cheating’ Buttle.

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