It’s good for my knees, but it’s destroying my soul….

Have you seen the movie ‘Last Vegas’?

I watched it ages ago, it’s not bad, a touch predictable, but a great cast (DeNiro, Douglas, Kline & Freeman) & has its moments, & is a nice easy watch. Anyway, the film centres around a bunch of best friends, all aged in their 70’s who have been close since childhood, who decide to tear up Las Vegas one last time for the group leaders bachelor party….

The flick starts by introducing us to the central characters.. starting with Sam (played by Kevin Kline)………..Sam is taking part (barely) in a Aqua fit pool session with his wife, who is encouraging him to participate by stating…….

‘Come on, just do it, its good for your knees………

………….Sam replies with ‘It’s good for my knees, but its destroying my soul’.

In the scene he is surrounded by very fragile, de-motivated people, the level of engagement from the uninspiring instructor is minimal, Sam is not motivated at all, the session is bland, he’s bored and has resorted to switching off, even though he KNOWS the benefits (its good for his knees)….

Do you get where Sam is coming from?

I’m with Sam on this one………If you are not engaged, if you are not enjoying your session, the benefits mean NOTHING to you! Am I right?

You need to find at least SOME elements of your training that you enjoy, that enrich your soul, not destroy it!

The environment in which you train should motivate you & drive you, you should be turned on (not like that….), not turned off…..

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, it’s ok to have a laugh at times throughout your training………..I always encourage some friendly banter throughout my sessions with my clients….

Have a look at your own training this week….examine what elements are engaging you…what could you improve? What could you change?

………Are you actually enjoying it? Do you look forward to it?

Until the next time,

Tristan ‘all for a bit of banter’ Buttle

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