It’s the little things…




When it comes to making long term, sustainable lifestyle changes, introducing small tweaks that you CAN stick to is key….

🍅For example, If you like a splodge of the red stuff, this is a really good swap for standard ketchup.

🍅There’s little difference in terms of flavour with the 50% reduced sugar version for a fraction of the calories of the original. (normal ketchup has approx 100 kcal per 100g, this option packs only 60kcal per 100g).

🍅If you are a regular ketchup user then a simple swap like this could in fact make a massive difference over time.

Thats all for today, speak soon…

Tristan ‘shop smart’ Buttle.

P.S -This was also 49p from good old Aldi!

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