Ladies – no more pink dumbbells!

I’ve been doing this a long time, & I’ve trained 100s of women of all ages/background/abilities and, generally speaking, I believe:

The average Woman is FAR stronger than they think they are (and the average guy is weaker but that’s a post for another day 😂).

There are many, many reasons for this…

Women have been led to believe that there are certain exercises that are only for men, this is simply not true. They have also been led to believe that entire areas of the gym somehow ‘belong to the men’ & that they are not welcome.

Women have been also led to believe that they either can’t or shouldn’t challenge themselves with any other than a pink dumbbell or a tin of beans (If this was true anyone stacking supermarket shelves would be ripped)!

Women tend to feel more guilt about training, having time to themselves & often feel bad for leaving the house, so will therefore potentially skip their workouts.

However in my experience, Women (truly) listen and want to do it right, they are more concerned about technique and not wasting their valuable time.

Women also have a higher pain tolerance than men & in all my years I have never had a woman faint (the same cannot be said for the men).

Times are changing and there’s definitely more focus on strength training for females, but sadly there’s still a lot of stereotypical imagery & old fashioned beliefs that need to die.

To any females reading this, don’t be scared to challenge yourself, you ARE stronger than you think you are, trust me!

Tristan ‘no pink dumbbells’ Buttle.

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