Ladies – This is Marilyn Monroe…

Marilyn Monroe

Ladies: this is Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe

As you can see, she is lifting weights..

No matter what your goals are, weight training should play an essential role in your program/routine.

Women have been told (either consciously or unconsciously) by the world that they either can’t or shouldn’t challenge themselves with any other than a pink dumbbell.

The lightest dumbbells/kettlebells/resistance bands are always pink & the heavier ones are always black.

Women have also been told things like ‘you don’t need to lift heavy, just use a tin of beans’…

…if this was true anyone who stacks shelves for a living would have the most incredible arm development ever!

Please don’t be afraid of lifting weights through fear of ‘getting too big’ it’s virtually impossible for the average female to do so.

Strength is always relative, but the reality is you HAVE to challenge yourself if you want to change yourself.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your strength, go for it!

Tristan ‘no pink dumbbells’ Buttle.

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