Leg Press: How Low Should You Go?

Leg Press


Leg Pressing: How low should you go?

In terms of depth/range of movement this is often down to the mechanics of the individual. For example: tight hamstrings will limit the range.

Some of you will be able to take your knees right up towards your chest, whereas others will be far more comfortable sticking to a 90degree angle at the knee.

A good guideline is if you can’t keep your hips down in the seat and/or your lower back is arching then sticking to 90 degrees will serve you better.

❌The moment you feel it in your hips/lower back you’ve probably gone too far, your aim should be to keep all the working tension in the legs.

Amy is demonstrating the range that suits her mechanics and gives her a workout without any unnecessary lower back pain.

Plus she’s looks better than me on photos.. (not that it’s difficult as I do tend to gurn when training ha ha)

Tristan ‘she’s prettier than me’ Buttle.

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