Lets talk diets…

diet fail

Lets talk diets…

Statistics from the National weight loss control registry show that 6 out 7 people who follow ANY diet lose weight, but sadly approx 95% of them put the weight back on within a 3 year period!

The registry tracked over 10,000 successful dieters and they found the main reasons for the diet fail/regaining the weight included:

  • Hunger.
  • Feeling tired.
  • Lack of planning & structure.

This helps to highlight that low calorie, overly restrictive/excessive diets do NOT work!

Demonising certain foods and certain macronutrients does nothing but lead to a poor relationship with food AND a poor relationship with yourself..

An excessive approach will cause you to lose weight fast, especially in the early stages, but where will you be long term? All too often in a far worse position than you are now!.

Whatever approach you are currently taking, if you can’t see yourself sticking to it for the next 12 months perhaps you need to revise your approach?

You do not have to suffer and feel beat up/drained ALL the time to lose weight!

If you need help, give me a shout for a plan you CAN stick to.

Tristan ‘long term’ Buttle.

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