Lockdown Survival Podcast: #1 Motivation & Mindset

Lockdown survival podcast

Fellow PT/trainer/friend Ana Polujan & I are very excited to release the first episode “THE LOCKDOWN SURVIVAL” podcast!

We have been wishing to collaborate together for a while, but then unfortunately Covid19 came round and messed all our plans up..

However, we’ve adapted to current situation & came up with an idea how we can do our bit to help and support those who of you who are struggling during this global pandemic 🌏

We are going to record an entire series of podcasts to tackle the challenges YOU are going through. We will be sharing lots of practical tips & advice along with our advice & experience to help keep you motivated during the these uncertain times!

We kick off the podcast with an open and honest discussion about motivation & mindset, we hope you enjoy.

Thank you for watching/listening, if you could give this a like and a share to help spread the word, we would both be extremely grateful.

Stay strong & stay safe, 

To watch (or listen) to us click here: 

Tristan ‘podcaster’ Buttle.

PS- We will also be adding the podcasts to Spotify this week.

P.P.S Heres that link again.




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