Losing weight doesn’t have to be painful!

Losing weight doesn’t have to be extreme & you don’t need to resort to painful & unsustainable methods.

Rather than reaching for the latest miracle fad or gimmick, I suggest focusing on the basics.

If you are currently struggling to lose body fat, I’m willing to wager one or more of the following reasons will cover it:

1) You have no idea how many calories you are consuming on a daily basis.

2) You are unaware of the calorific value of certain food choices.

3) You eat too little during the day, then go mad after work, often picking at foods whilst you prepare or await tea.

4) You don’t drink enough water.

5) You don’t eat enough protein.

6) You have tried ‘diets’ in the past, as a result your weight has fluctuated, and you’ve never found a truly happy medium.

7) You eat emotionally for comfort, to combat stress, or due to fatigue.

8) You eat unconsciously at times, e.g. sat watching a film on the sofa…one biscuit becomes a whole packet.

9) You don’t plan or prepare any of your meals.

10) You are afraid or carbohydrate.

12) You are afraid of fat.

13) You believe that eating ‘healthy’ is boring & bland.

14) You get strong overwhelming cravings.

15) You don’t eat enough calories to support your level of training.

If you are guilty of any of the above, don’t beat yourself up, you are human. I’ve been there with number 7 myself………The first step is to assess what area you need to work on & develop a strategy to overcome this…

As ever, give me a shout if I can help you out.

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘keep it simple’ Buttle.

P.S – If you need help with any of the above, please do give me a shout…you don’t have to suffer….



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