Love Island – Do you watch it?


Love Island

Love Island – Do you watch it?

As you probably know, the new series of Love Island started last night…(if you have been living under a rock click here to find out more)

It’s not really my thing (honest)….but as Amy is into it, it will be ‘on in my presence’ last night (and probably will be for the foreseeable future every night at 9pm 😂).

Anyway, the Love Island thing got me thinking, the reason viewers tune is mainly down to 2 simple factors…….


Love Island is on pretty much every night at the same time. As a viewer you know where you stand, & you know what to expect. It’s completely consistent & constant.


If the Island seems like it’s getting ‘boring’ or hitting a viewing plateau, the islanders are given tasks, or situations are created, often to cite arguments or cause controversy, this keeps the viewers coming back for more.

You can do the same with your health & fitness goals:

✅Take consistent action, on a daily basis towards your goals. Do something EVERYDAY to bring yourself just one small step closer to where you want to be. 

✅Add variety to spice your workouts up, do the same with your meal planning. Click here for some recipe ideas.

Don’t allow yourself to get bored. Get some professional advice….. 

That’s all for tonight,

Tristan ‘I’ve got a text’ Buttle.

P.S – If you need some variety or you feel your routine is getting stale & boring, give me a shout…

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