How many calories in a biscuit?

How many calories in a biscuit?

More specially, a Bourbon Biscuit? ( I chose this as its a classic).

Have a guess?

Depending on the brand, it’s typically around 60kcal…

>Not much is it?

However, who ever eats just ONE biscuit?!

So let’s say you have a total of 5 throughout the day, that’s a total of an additional 300kcal a day…..

In my experience, lots of people I deal with tend to eat more biccies at work, and most people typically work 5 days a week…..

5 x 300 = a total of an additional 1500 kcal a week from ‘picking’ at biscuits.Whilst it doesn’t seem like much at the time, calories start to add up, and as I’ve said many times before, calories DO count!

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a cheeky biscuit now and again, I’m simply highlighting the potential implications of not being mindful and aware of your calorie intake for the day.

That’s all , just a quick one today,

Tristan ‘step away from the cookie jar’ Buttle.

p.s- what’s your fav biscuit? And are you aware of how many calories are in it?

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