Today I want to talk to you about Micronutrients….

Chances are if you’ve read any of my work, you will know by now, that I talk a LOT about the importance of calorie intake & macronutrients (aka macros, i.e. protein, fat & carbs)……and you probably know by now that to achieve fat loss you HAVE to be a calorie deficit?

However, if I asked you what your micronutrient (not macronutrient) intake was like, would you be able to answer me?

Chances are you are blissfully unaware?

That’s cool…….

Most people are unaware.

When it comes to improvements in health and fat loss, it’s not just about having your calories in check……If you are lacking in certain micronutrients, this WILL effect your results.

You are missing out on the chance to make improvements in your physique, your wellbeing, and your performance.

The actual definition of a micronutrient is:

‘a chemical element or substance required in trace amounts for the normal growth and development of living organisms. ‘

Achieving your fat loss goals shouldn’t ever come at the expense of your health & wellbeing….

If you lose weight but as a result feel lethargic, run down, and beat up….what’s the point?!

You want more that to just LOOK better, you want to FEEL better!

Who doesn’t want more energy?!

So with this being said, what micros do you need to supplement with?

When it comes to any supplementation, my advice is always the same: keep it simple:

  1. Fish Oil – this boasts a huge number of benefits, including the contribution of normal/healthy function of the heart & helping with joint pain.

  2. Vitamin D – if you live in sunny old England, it’s worth considering that exposure to sunlight is responsible for Vitamin D synthesis, and is responsible for the majority of Vitamin D intake in the body.

  3. Vitamin C – contributes to normal function of the immune system.

  4. A solid multimineral to cover all of your bases.

That’s it, it may not be the sexiest selection, but I guarantee this will have a greater impact on your health & performance opposed to typical fad/false hope supplement on the market.

It will also prove to be far less damaging to your bank account!

Side note: when it comes to supplementation, consistency is key, remember to take your vitamins daily!

What Vitamin brand would I recommend? Click here to find out.

That’s all for today,until the next time..

Tristan ‘micro machine’ Buttle.

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