Micronutrients/I want to ask you a quick question…..


Micronutrients/I want to ask you a quick question…..

You’ve heard me talk a LOT about calories & macronutrients (protein, fat & carbs)……

and you that to achieve fat loss you HAVE to be in a calorie deficit?

However, if I asked you about your micronutrient intake, could you answer me?

Probably not..

That’s cool…….

Most people are unaware.

When it comes to improvements in health & fat loss, it’s not JUST about having your calories in check……

…if you have a micronutrient deficiency,  this WILL effect your results.

You are missing out on the chance to make improvements in your physique, your wellbeing, and your performance.

I’ll be posting some more info over the next few days to help you out…

That’s all for today, I’ll let you get back to it…

Tristan ‘micro machine’ Buttle.

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