My Girlfriend is FIT!

My girlfriend is FIT!

My girlfriend Amy recently made the decision to cut her hair short and today was the big day!

A pretty bold move, as it was shoulderish length….

Leading up to today she was a bit nervous & concerned….

‘What if I didn’t like it’?

‘What if it didn’t suit her’?

‘What if she looked like a boy’?!

Lots of concerns, understandably as, like I said, it’s a fairly big decision….

Amy has had short hair in the past, but it was ages ago, before we got together.

I’d seen pics of her rocking the shorter do and thought it looked great, but it was still a big step.

However, she looks AMAZING! She is FIT!! x

I knew it would suit her and had no doubts at all, but this still didn’t stop her concerns & ‘pre chop’ nerves…

Even though she’s done it before, it was a long time ago…

This is a bit like going back to the gym after a long time off…

Even though you’ve done it before, and you know inside you can do it, taking the plunge can still be nerve-racking…

Trust me when I say it’s never going to be as scary as you think: whether it’s a new haircut, or a new gym regime, having a bit of confidence and the support of others around you goes a long way.

What would you do if you weren’t scared to do so?

That’s all for tonight, until the next time,

Tristan ‘lucky man’ Buttle.




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