Perfection does not exist..

A very simple key to achieve success in any area of your life is to simply do the things you said you would do……….

However, all too often we are all guilty of waiting for that ‘perfect’ moment or the ‘perfect’ opportunity, ideally all done at the ‘perfect’ time….

This is why the new diet or workout regime always starts on Monday…..

It’s also the reason why people start their resolutions in January and not December………….

My advice is to simply stop waiting for everything to be perfect, otherwise your goals will likely remain as ideas, because perfection simply doesn’t exist.

There WILL be obstacles along the way to achieving your goals:

  • You will miss a meal….
  • You will miss a workout…
  • You will ‘fall off the wagon’…
  • You will have a ‘blow out’….
  • You will get stressed or worried..
  • The kids will keep you up all night……
  • Your boss will stress you out…

But guess what?

Imperfect action will ALWAYS beat inaction.

Don’t allow your pursuit of perfection to cripple your ability to take action.

What CAN you do NOW?

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘time for some action’ Buttle.


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