What is Progressive Overload?

Progressive Overload is one of THE most important principals of building muscle.

Progressive Overload refers to either:

a) an increase in weight.

b) an increase in reps.

c) a combination of a & b.

Performed under the same conditions that previously applied to the set in question.

Why is this important?

The most stimulating repetitions you can perform(for muscle building)are the ones that are closer to failure.

However, as you progress, if you don’t add weight/reps, you will begin to perform LESS of these ‘close to failure’ reps.

As you begin to reach failure on a set, your brain recruits the required amount of muscle fibres to complete the set.

The largest reserve of fibres are reserved for the final rep of the set.

This is why the last few reps of a set (typically 3-5) are THE most effective reps.

This is one of the reasons why sticking on the same sets, reps, and weight does not work.

Progressive Overload can also show that your training is effective and is working!

Tristan ‘progressive’ Buttle.

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