Protein: It’s become a buzzword, its everywhere & it’s in everything. In all the hype it’s easy to forget why we actually need it:

Protein is an ESSENTIAL macro nutrient that your body needs to maintain & repair body tissue/muscle mass, whilst keeping your skin, eyes, and organs all nice & healthy. 

Practically speaking, Protein is also great for keeping you feeling fuller for longer, and has a higher Thermic Effect when compared to fats & protein, meaning that you body requires more energy to digest protein.

In my experience, the general population tend to undereat on protein & overeat on carbohydrates…

Protein requires a little more planning, can be more expensive than carbs (think how long a loaf of bread or a bag of rice lasts & the cost per serving). Protein sources also tend to have a shorter shelf life. Meat, dairy, fish, tofu all goes off quicker than that big bag of pasta at the back of your cupboard!

My advice is always the same: aim to get the majority of your protein from a variety of food choices that you enjoy.

However, for some people the use of a protein powder supplement can be a convenient way of bumping their numbers up. My preference would be to add it to other foods such as greek yoghurt, oats, or smoothies. 

It’s not magical, but it’s also not the devil. 

It doesn’t have to be anything extreme or costly, a simple whey* protein will do the job. As with all supplements, I would check the labels and the calories/macros before parting with your cash.

I would recommend a reputable long standing brand such as PhD Nutrition , their products have stood the test of time. I am in no way affiliated with the brand but I have used their stuff on & off for a very long time (cos I’m old 😂).

That’s all for today, have a good day, have a good workout, have a good week! 

Tristan ‘whey hey’ Buttle.

*Whey protein is one of the major components of milk, and is a byproduct of the cheese making process.

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