Greek Yoghurt: whats the best option?

greek yoghurt

I’m a huge fan of Greek yoghurt as a versatile protein source, Amy & I tend to have it as our last meal of the day, whilst watching Love Island 😂. (to read more about my feelings on Love Island click here).

I like to add half a scoop of vanilla protein powder & some berries, or nuts & honey, whereas Amy loves grapes & dark choc.


However it’s also a great quick & easy breakfast option, particularly if you don’t fancy something hot this time of year.

I tend to go with Fage as a brand, but Aldi also do a great version that is very similar in terms of macros/calories, but obviously cheaper..greek yoghurt

As a quick reference point when you are food shopping, Fage is colour coded:

Pink is fat free.
Blue is full fat.
And Green is 2% (half fat).

Potentially sexist marketing? Maybe.. Ha..

Anyway, obviously the fat free version contains the least calories, full fat has the most & the green is in-between the two.

If you are struggling to get calories in, full fat is an easy option. Likewise, if you are wanting to eat a larger quantity of food for less calories, then fat free could be a good option. Taste is also a factor, as full fat is a thicker & creamier option.

No one option is bad or good, but being aware of the caloric differences helps you when planning your choices/options.

Tristan ‘every night’ Buttle.


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