Random Act Of Kindness…

6 weeks ago, Steve contacted me as he wanted to revise his approach to training.

Steve is an ex rugby player.

His true passion for rugby was clear within 5 minutes of meeting him!

Unfortunately the game had left him with several injuries which had caused limitations & pain in his current day training.

The goal was to get Steve moving as painfree as possible, to introduce him to a revised way of training & above all else ensure that he has a laugh along the way!

So far we have achieved success!

However, recently, completely out the blue, Steve REALLY surprised me….

He gave me a G shock watch!


I had commented on the one he was wearing & said how I liked it (turns out he’s an avid collector)…

So he thought he’d get me one, as he’s enjoyed our sessions so much!

(He did add it was a little “thanks for the pain” memento 😂).


Random act of kindness

I’m sharing this with you not to brag, but to simply highlight how one random act of kindness can totally change your day!

I was and still am quite taken back by Steve’s gesture.

Got me thinking, and I know this sounds MEGA CHEESEY, but if we all did one random act of kindness the world would be a far better place….

Thanks again Steve.

Tristan ‘still in G shock’ Buttle.

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