Resistance Bands: A Quick Rundown…

Resistance BandsResistance Bands: A Quick Rundown…

The use of Resistance Bands has recently EXPLODED & the world has quickly become full of what I call MIU style training (MAKE IT UP 😂).

I don’t believe in re inventing the wheel or making an exercise ‘different’ just for the sake of it, but we are living in challenging times in terms of options….

I’ve always believed that the use bands can be useful. Like anything, the key is to understand why & how they can be used to help your training.

In simple terms, depending on how/where you attach the band will determine whether you are are adding:

1️⃣ Assistance or 2️⃣ Resistance, basically you are making an exercise harder or easier at a given point.

Exercises have points where the resistance naturally drops off & points where you are naturally stronger/weaker.

E.g: you are stronger at the top(end range)of a bench pressing movement & weaker at the bottom. You can handle more load at the top, therefore (depending how it’s done) adding bands can match this curve & help provide more load at your strongest point.

When pulling, you are strongest when your arms are out stretched (beginning range) & weakest as your elbows come towards your body(end range). Therefore, using a band for pulling movements doesn’t match the profile as it will get harder as your elbow comes in.

This doesn’t make it wrong, the key is to just be aware of what/why you are doing what you are doing.

I’ll be doing some more posts to help on bands to give some further demos etc, watch this space!

Thats all for today, have a good day, have a good home workout, have a good week!

Tristan ‘BANDter’ Buttle.

P.S – If you are stuck with your training & in need of some structure, give me a shout…


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