Simple Salmon & Cous Cous.

Simple Salmon & Cous Cous: a VERY simple & VERY quick yet satisfying meal:

Simple Salmon


Ingredients:(for one person).

100g Cous Cous

Salmon Fillet

100g Asparagus

100g Baby Plum Tomatoes

Pink Salt

Light Soy Sauce



Weigh out 100g couscous into a bowl & pour over boiled water. Cover & leave for 5mins.

Bang a salmon fillet (around 120g) in the grill along with 100g of asparagus.

Chop up 100g baby plum Tomatoes.

Once fluffy, bang the couscous on your plate & lay the salmon & veggies ontop.

Season with some pink salt.

Splash over some light soy sauce.


Tristan ‘lean in 10’ Buttle.

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