Steak & Greek Cheese Flatbread.

Steak & Greek Cheese Flatbread: This is VERY tasty and clocks in at under 500 calories!

steak flatbread


Ingredients: ( for one person).

1 x 195g sirloin steak.

1 x white folded flatbread.

30g crumbled greek style cheese 

Chopped cucumber.

Chopped spinach.

2 x Chopped baby tomatoes.

I got all of the above from Aldi and the macros stated are based on those particular options.


Fry the steak as preferred (personally I’m a 2 mins a side guy), then slice it up.

Lay the sliced steak over the flatbread.

Add the chopped cucumber/spinach/baby toms.

Sprinkle over the greek style cheese.

… and you are DONE!


Tristan ‘all too easy’ Buttle.




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