Struggling to find the motivation to train at home?

Struggling to find the motivation to train at home?
Here’s 10 quick tips:
1️⃣Have a plan, don’t wing it or make it up on the day.
2️⃣Make an appointment with yourself. Schedule a training time, it doesn’t have to be the same time every day, but booking a time will help.
3️⃣Set a designated place/area for training. It doesn’t have to be outside, but find an area. Ideally not in the same room you work or relax in.
4️⃣Get changed before you train. Don’t train in the clothes you’ve had on all day.
5️⃣Have a pre workout coffee!
6️⃣On hotter days, aim to train earlier on, ideally outside before the heat takes over!
7️⃣Aim for shorter/more effective workouts. You don’t ‘need’ to train for an hour! With the right programming you can achieve a LOT in 20-30 mins.
8️⃣If you are really struggling, aim to only perform the first 15 mins of your session, then if you’re still not up for it, call it a day(chances are you’ll feel better and want to keep going).
9️⃣Include exercises that you actually enjoy!
🔟Logbook your workouts & beat your numbers, create purpose behind each session.
Bonus Tip: Book an appointment with me!
Tristan ‘tips’ Buttle.

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