The 5:2 Diet

It’s typical and normal that I get asked about various diets & systems that are all promoting weight loss & quick results, especially this time of year. I’m citing the 5:2 diet as lots people have asked me about this particular approach recently.

The 5:2 diet simply has you consuming 500-600 kcal for 2 days out of 7…..Obviously placing the individual in a calorie deficit… hence initial weight loss….

If you use an example of an average person (it’s hard to say what is actually average, but for the sake of today let’s keep it simple) who is consuming 2000kcal per day but wants to lose weight……

2000kcal is the equivalent of 14,000 kcal per week (2000 x 7)….

However, following the 5:2 principal, two of those days would only be 500kcal per day:

This would give a weekly total of: 11,000 kcal. (5 x 2000 + 2 x 500 = 11,000 kcal).

Therefore if you divide 11,000 kcal by 7 this would give the equivalent of 1,571.5 kcal per day….

So you can starve yourself for two days of the week or you can eat just over 1500 kcal every day????????

I could of just had this article read: STOP STARVING YOURSELF & gone on a rant……but I wanted to highlight the basics so that you can make an informed decision before you embark on anything that is potentially going to leave you right back where you started or potentially worse ..

Please don’t fall for gimmicks, tricks and false hope….

I understand that you want quick results (who doesn’t) but you need to think beyond those initial results..

If you can’t see yourself adopting a plan that you can truly follow with long term consistency, it’s just a fad……

That’s all for today until the next time……………

Tristan ‘please don’t starve yourself’ Buttle.



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