The 6 Best Fat Burning Foods…


fat burning foods

Forget about mythical ‘fat burning foods’ here’s what You DO need to lose fat:

To ensure you are in realistic caloric deficit.

✅ A nutritional approach that you CAN stick to, that suits YOU as an individual.

✅ A progressive & structured gym routine that focuses on strength/resistance training.

✅ A consistent level of NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis), track your steps!

✅ Decent sleep.

✅ A laugh! There’s no happy ending to an unhappy journey! Enjoy your process.

Please, please, please stop buying into the all gimmicks, the false hopes & the BS marketing.

Stop listening to your mates down the pub, the local Herbalife rep, or some ‘Boombod’ celebrity trying to sell you stuff you simply do NOT need.

fat burning foods

Trust in the basics, do them often, do them progressively, and then do them some more!

Be consistent, be patient, be strong..

Thats all for today, speak soon…

Tristan ‘put it back on the shelf’ Buttle.

P.S – As ever, if you are stuck with anything, give me a shout. ….

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