The REAL reason your trainer asks you to track your steps…


15% of your total daily calories are burned from your daily activities excluding resting, training, sleeping and eating. This is referred to as Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (N.E.A.T).
A huge influence in N.E.A.T levels are the total amount of daily steps that you perform.
However, you can increase you N.E.A.T without tracking steps, it’s just VERY hard to track & monitor!
For example, if I asked you to write down/record:

How long you stand up for during the day?

How much time you spend cooking or cleaning?

How long you spent gardening?
How long you spent emptying the washing machine?
How long you spent general fidgeting or tapping your feet?
You would probably tell me where to go!
The REAL reason your trainer asks you track your steps is that practically speaking its VERY easy to do. It’s also generally pretty accurate & helpful to set progressive targets.
From experience it can also really help to illustrate the difference between being ‘busy and ‘active’.
If your goal is weight loss, get tracking your steps! It WILL make a BIG difference to your energy balance.
Tristan ‘step counter’ Buttle.



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