The Tristan Buttle Podcast -Episode 27 -Chatting to Matty Davies, owner of The Grafthouse…

I am joined by Matty Davies. Matty is a fellow Hull based trainer, a father, a professional Ice Hockey player & owner of the Graft House..

We dig into his background, what the term ‘Graft‘ actually means to him, understanding performance & functionality, the importance of bodyweight training, why Matty LOVES burpees (other than because he’s a sick man ha ha) and much much more!

We also debate Bond vs Matrix & which one is Matty more excited for?!

I hope you enjoy listening to our chat as much as I enjoyed having it.

*We did have a few mild recording issues which have resulted in a few pauses throughout the chat (I think it was a glitch in the Matrix)…Apologies in advance.

To listen on Spotify click HERE.

Tristan ‘podcaster’ Buttle.

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