The Tristan Buttle Podcast Episode 8 – The Lockdown Special with Josh Beet…

The Tristan Buttle Podcast

Episode 8 is now LIVE!
Josh Beet & I follow up our previous podcast with a Lockdown Special!
We chat about communicating with clients during the crisis, the 4 pillars of fitness, what people are truly missing about the gym, why having the right environment is essential for home & why the lockdown is either the best/worst environment for your nutrition…
We also take a deeper dive into motivation, why just trying ‘to be positive’ may not be the answer and why having a strong underlying goal will make everything easier, especially during these challenging times…
We also tackle some industry cliches and why being ‘100% or nothing‘ isn’t the answer!
As usual, Josh and I could have carried on chatting for hours! We cover a lot of ground and we both hope you can take some practical tips to help you with the current situation.
Stay productive, stay strong.
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