This is Steve….


This is Steve, & he is an ex rugby player…

He dedicated the majority of his younger days to the game, it was & always will be his true passion…

Unfortunately, the game has left him with several injuries which can cause him limitation & pain in day to day life.

The main problem areas being his back & knees.

These limitations had understandably created doubt in Steve’s mind as to what he could/should do in the gym.

From day 1, the goal was to get Steve moving as painfree as possible, to introduce him to a revised way of training & above all else have a laugh & get him to enjoy training again!

We’ve ditched a lot of what he used to do back in the day (we haven’t touched a barbell) in favour of more suitable options.

Steve trains hard, but most importantly he trains smart.

I’m sharing this because we often place limits on ourselves based on our past experiences.

Injuries are very frustrating & painful, but they do not have to dictate what you do from today onwards.

Don’t let your limitations stand in your way in 2020.

There are always options, and with the right guidance you may even grow to enjoy the gym again like Steve!

Tristan ‘options’ Buttle.


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