Total Recall is 30 years old!

Total Recall

Total Recall is 30 years old!
I remember first watching it as a kid (somebody at school had a dodgy vhs pirate copy from Cyprus), and I’ve loved it ever since!
Looking back, the last 30 years have flown by…
It’s very cliche to say, but life really does move fast and, the older you get it, it only seems to move faster…
At age 12, 22 seemed old, 32 was ‘proper old’ and 42 was ancient!
As we (all) grown older our perception of time often changes. Our time becomes more valuable/important as we have less of it to waste.
My advice is simple: try not to spend your time on anything or anyone that is making you unhappy.
Tristan ‘Quaid’ Buttle.




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