Training arms & copying arnold…




I haven’t done a barbell bicep curl in a LONG time!

Barbell curls are in the category of exercises that I used to think I ‘HAD’ to do, alongside flat bench press, squats, & many other so called ‘staples’ (basically anything that Arnold did 😂).

However, I now favour bicep exercises that fit my body & my mechanics, that I can progress without smashing my elbow joints.

My point today is if what you are doing isn’t working or you are experiencing joint pain, then don’t be afraid to ditch certain exercises in favour of something that will be more specific to you.

Just something to think about….

If you are unsure about what option could be for you, give me a shout.

Tristan ‘no barbells’ Buttle.

P.S – UltraFlex Gym Hull has lots of elbow friendly options!

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