(Try to) Remove your emotion…

(Try to) Remove your emotion:

In order to adjust to training at home, my advice to you is to try remove your emotional attachment to the gym.

If you asked me how I feel about the gym, I would naturally reply: ‘I love it’!

That is a powerful emotion!

Theres not many things that we truly love, so if those things are removed from us, it’s tough!

However, right now we all need to remove our emotions from the situation because the gym is simply NOT an option.
The only true options we all have are:

a)Do nothing.
b)Adapt,improvise & keep looking moving forward.

This can be an opportunity for us all to focus on neglected areas of training and visit/embrace different training styles.

Taking the time to focus on these areas now will help you with longevity & arguably help you to become stronger later down the line.

I know its tough, I struggled with it myself during the first lockdown & when the gyms are back open I’ll be one of the first through the door, but for now we all need to focus on what we CAN do

Tristan ‘garden gains’ Buttle.

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