Turkey Chilli

VERY simple, VERY quick VERY filling, & tasty Turkey Chilli:

Turkey Chilli


Ingredients:(easily enough for 2/3 people).

Chopped red/yellow/orange peppers.

Chopped Onion.

Chopped Mushrooms.

400g Tinned Tomatoes.

Old El Paso smokey bbq spice mix.

400g Lean turkey mince (2%).

Microwave basmati rice.

Turkey Chilli


Lightly fry off the peppers, mushrooms & onions in pan.

Add in 400g lean turkey mince & cook until browned.

Add in a packet of old El Paso smokey bbq seasoning mix & mix/stir through.

Add in 400g tinned tomatoes, continue to stir.

Bring it all to a simmer.

Bang your rice in the microwave.

Wait for the ping, chuck the rice in the pan & mix the whole thing through.



Tristan ‘Jamie who?’ Buttle.


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