Unbreakable starring Bruce Wills as David Dunn, have you seen it?



It’s a classic film, Bruce at his finest (apart from Die Hard obviously ha ha )..

Anyway, David discovers he has certain gifts, certain strengths & certain powers…


Throughout the course of Unbreakable David starts to challenge these strengths…

He doesn’t really know how strong he is until he starts to test himself…

There’s a great scene in the movie that involves him loading up the bench press in his garage and, with the help of his son, he ends up adding pots of paint to the bar to make it heavier!


My point today is simple (this applies to anyone in any aspect of life, not just the gym):

Strength is always relative, but how do YOU know how strong YOU are, until YOU truly test yourself?

Thats all for today, 

Tristan ‘Unbreakable’ Buttle.

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