Understanding Energy Balance

Weight gain is caused by overeating in comparison to your activity levels.
This doesn’t happen overnight, but through time over eating more calories than you are burning will cause you to gain weight.
Physiologically speaking, the only way a human being will lose is by being in a calorie deficit (consuming less calories or expending more energy, or a balance of both).
It doesn’t matter what approach take (meal plans, flexible dieting, macro counting, keto, the list is literally endless) the result is the same, it’s just the method that changes.
The absolute best diet for YOU is the one that YOU can stick to consistently that allows you to still live your life.
Before deciding what ‘diet’ you need to follow start by asking yourself:
What small changes can you make to your existing diet that would have the biggest impact to your current situation?
I’m not saying losing weight is easy, and I acknowledge there are lots of other human factors involved when it comes to truly understanding our relationship with food, however with the right guidelines it can be a much simpler and much more enjoyable process that most believe it to be.
If you feel fed up, frustrated or confused about calories, give me a shout, I’m here to help.
Tristan ‘balance’ Buttle.

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