28 day supply of vitamins delivered to your door for £14!!!!

During my 19 years of working in the fitness industry I’ve been approached by LOTS of supplement companies to help endorse/sell various products & I have previously NEVER affiliated myself to anyone or anything….


Simply because I have never had a desire to push a product that I don’t use or believe in…

The world of supplementation is rife with false claims, marketing hype, & fads…

Any of you that have been reading any of my words over the years will know & realise that when it comes to supplementation, my ethos is always the same:

Keep it simple, and avoid the gimmicks, fads & BS…

This is one of the main reasons why I’m happy to say that I fully support what Vitamyn are doing!

The product is simple:

  • Delivered to your door…
  • Through your letter box…
  • All of your daily vitamin & mineral requirements in a pre-made pack….

Simplicity fits in the palm of your hand.

If you’re a regular vitamin 💊user, you know the small pains:

DIFFERENT pots for different products

Do it yourself‘ pill boxes…

……..forgetting to take your doses( therefore not getting the true benefits).

WHAT should I take?
WHEN should I take them?
HOW MUCH should I take?

Vitamyn answers all of these questions and puts the solution in the palm of your hand…quite literally!

Each pack is tailored:


56 Omega-3 softgels (2/day) • 28 Vitamin C 1000mg (1/day) • 28 Vitamin D 3000iu (1/day) • 28 Multimineral (1/day) • 28 Vitamin B complex (1/day). All packaged for daily use.


84 Omega-3 softgels (3/day) • 28 Vitamin C 1000mg (1/day) • 28 Vitamin D 3000iu (1/day) • 28 Multimineral (1/day). All packaged for daily use.

No contract, don’t like it, don’t buy any more…like it, let it continue to flow through your letter box each month…. Skint one month? Cancel it…….

How much?

The all important question…

Normally £28 per 28 day supply

However, I can offer you your first months supply for only £14!

Its a deal, its a steal, its the sale of the century!

Just click THIS link (it has to be this one to get your cheeky discount, don’t just google it), THIS link will also tell you a bit more about the product with some fancy photos…..

Thats it, simple.

Any issues, please give me a shout.

Tristan ‘vitamyn’ Buttle.