Do you want to lose weight?

Lose weight



The other day I had a good chat with a lady who came to see me as she wanted to lose weight…….

Upon discussing her goals, I asked the following questions & if you happen to have the same goal I’d like to ask you the same thing……

Are you bothered about how much you weigh or are you bothered about how you look & how you feel?

Do you actually want to lose weight?

Some trainers will go as far as saying weight is irrelevant ….I actually disagree with this in certain cases….

  1. If an individual is ‘bedbound’ obese & their total body weight is impacting on their life to point where the individual cannot function & cannot work, then weight is becomes very relevant… this is a matter of health…
  2. If an individual is severely underweight & it is again causing health issues & concerns then weight also becomes very relevant….

However, most of the people I deal with do not fall into the above cases, they are in the middle somewhere, and in the middle everyone is a different shape & size.

I do not have a problem with anyone getting weighed and with a lot of people I help we do weigh in, we just don’t do every session & it’s never done excessively.

Whilst it can be a measure of change, it’s not the ONLY measure….

Your results (which very often come down to looking & feeling better about yourself) cannot be quantified by what the scales say……

What the scales DO NOT show is what that person is FEELING & EXPERIENCING:

Confidence levels, energy, self-belief, concentration levels, anxiety levels, how that person simply enters a room are all huge life changing factors and benefits that cannot be measured by jumping on a pair of scales.

If you achieved your physical goals, how would you FEEL whilst amongst your friends/family?

  • How would you FEEL at work when dealing with challenging days?

  • How would you FEEL when you wake up every morning?

  • How would you FEEL in your current relationship?

Consider of all of the above areas of your life, and how you would ideally like to perform in each area…………..

As I said earlier, I am not against anyone getting weighed & if you want to lose weight, that isn’t wrong….. I’m merely suggesting there are far more considerations that simply standing on the scales & obtaining a number….

For example, the photos below of my client Ben were taken 10 weeks apart & despite the scales not showing a significant change…I’m sure you’ll agree there is clearly a MASSIVE change! To read more from Ben and other testimonials click here.


Lose weight

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘more than just a number’ Buttle.

P.S – Don’t get me started on the B.M.I scale!

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