I wanted to be Arnold Schwarzenegger…

As a child of the 80s,  I grew up watching Arnold Schwarzenegger on the big screen…




The list goes on, all of which helped inspire me as a kid to go to the gym…

This sounds REALLY cheesy, but I remember looking at Arnold and thinking to myself:

‘I want my arms to look like that’!

At 39 years old, my motivation, my goals and my reasons for training are all very different….

When we talk about weight training, all too often we think of building muscle and body building…

I often hear concerns of:

‘I don’t want huge muscles’…

(if only it was that easy…..)

However, the benefits of ‘pumping iron’ or more conventionally speaking ‘performing resistance training’ are not limited to simply wanting to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger…

Here are 10 quick reasons/benefits for you to consider:

Burn more calories.

Build muscle to fight fat.

Increased confidence & self esteem.

Better posture.

Clearer mindset (get out of your own head).

Stronger bones.

Better balance & co ordination- you may fall less!

Improved heart health & function.

Reduced risk of diabetes.

Strong potential for improved quality of sleep.

It’s not all about wanting to be Arnold!

Don’t be scared to pick up the weights, the health benefits are endless….

That’s all for tonight, until the next time…

Tristan ‘Ill be back’ Buttle

P.S – Cant wait to watch ‘Jingle All The Way‘ again this Christmas staring Arnold….

P.P.S – Sorry Amy! x ( she hates it ha).


Arnold Schwarzenegger

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