Do you watch Carpool Karaoke?

Do you watch Carpool Karaoke?

With James Corden?

He basically gets celebrities from the music industry in his car & they drive around singing & chatting….

You can tell that Corden LOVES it!

Anyway, in the most recent episode, Corden has the Foo Fighters in his van for some karaoke & banter…

During their carpool karaoke chat, Corden asks Dave Grohl (lead singer) about an incident that happened a couple of years back at gig when Dave fell off the stage…….

Mid song, Dave accidently slipped and fell off the side of the stage whilst singing/rocking out on the guitar…

The incident was actually captured by a fan on YouTube:

After falling & being crumpled on the floor, the band carry on playing, we hear Dave saying to the crowd:

I think I just broke my leg. I think I really broke my leg’……..

At this point the paramedics are on hand…but Dave is still addressing the crowd:

‘If this gig is over, I promise we will come back, you have my word, I promise’…..

After Dave is taken away for medical attention, the band continues, & the drummer takes over on vocals……..

BUT…… doesn’t stop there!

Dave returns to the stage on a stretcher with his right foot bandaged……….he then continues to finish the concert sitting down, with his leg outstretched, whilst singing/playing guitar…….

He addressed the crowd saying he ‘wouldn’t leave the stage unless given orders by a doctor to do so’…

What a legend! There is so much we all can take from Dave’s experience:

  1. Firstly: Dave’s first reaction to falling off the stage wasn’t one of pity, & wasn’t about the pain he was in (which must have been crazy intense) it was to address the fans, it was to find a solution……….he didn’t panic about the unfortunate situation, he didn’t focus on the pain, he focused on what he COULD do………
  2. Secondly: the band carried on. This is all about having the right people around you, they didn’t panic, they supported, they helped……..they took over when needed.
  3. Thirdly: Dave returned to the stage. This is commitment, this is strength, he could have easily cancelled the gig, but he showed TRUE determination.

We can never control everything around us, pain is sometimes unavoidable, life will throw all sorts of challenges at you, what is important is how you react, how you hit back & how you tackle that pain head on…………

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘times like these’ Buttle.

P.S –he later tweeted a pic of his x ray showing a clear fracture in his leg……..

P.P.S –Here’s Corden & The Foo’s doing their Carpool Karaoke thing:

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