We are Puppy Parents!



Amy & I have had a busy week…. last Sunday we became proud parents of Dexter! 

Dexter is our 9 wk old cockapoo puppy!!

He’s adorable and he’s already a huge part of our household! 

It’s our first time as puppy parents, Amy has had the week off work and has already done a cracking job with him, but we are learning on the job and taking everything one day at a time.

Each day that’s passed we’ve seen his behaviour adapt/change, he’s becoming more settled, and he’s sleeping better & for longer (although we are still both on toilet duty 😂).

Success in any aspect of life takes time & consistency.

Whether it’s losing weight or raising a puppy, results don’t happen overnight.

Small daily wins all add up for long term success & happiness.

It’s important to tackle your goals one day at a time & keep moving forward. 

That’s all for today, speak soon

Tristan ‘doggy daddy’ Buttle.

P.S- if you feel stuck or you are overwhelmed by your goals give me a shout.




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