What can you do with only 1 Dumbbell?! Part One: Push Day.

Friend/client Josh presented a lockdown training challenge:

He only has access to:

1 x single dumbbell
✅1 x resistance band
✅Any household items we can find to use along the way!

I saw this is a great opportunity to showcase what can be done with some creativity & a willingness to adapt!

I will be sharing our sessions/progress to help give you some ideas for your own training.

Todays video covers the exact session that I took Josh through this morning (virtually obviously 👍🏻👊🏻).

If you have any questions about any of the content or to book a session for yourself give me a shout.

To watch the full video click here.

Thats all for today, have a good day, have a good home workout, have a good week!

Tristan ‘virtual reality’ Buttle.

P.S- Heres the link again.



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