What do you think of Joe Wicks?

Joe Wicks

What do you think of Joe Wicks ?  That was the question I was asked earlier today……

Joe Wicks’ book ‘Lean in 15’ in one of THE fastest selling ‘diet’ books ever, clocking in over 77,097 copies sold in its first week.

Joe Wicks is hot right now….

His approach to nutrition seems to a bit more inclusive than other systems, and the idea of encouraging more people to get creative in the kitchen is always a good thing. I also get that people want/need ideas when it comes to knowing what to eat….

However, if ‘diet books’ TRULY worked on a long term basis, then I have one question to ask:

Why does a new one come out, every single year?

If ‘Lean in 15‘ or whatever other diet book that is being currently popularised has ALL the answers, then surely there won’t be a need for another ‘diet’ book ever again?

This is obviously not the case, and it won’t be long before another ‘craze’ hits the bookshelves, and makes its way into the homes of thousands of people all looking for the next answer to their dietary issues.

The secret to fat loss is there is no secret!

I understand that, in certain circumstances, having guidelines to follow can help, I would also add that some diet books (not all) definitely have their merits, and as I mentioned Mr. Wicks makes some great points………..

However, very often these books do not deal with or address the actual relationship that an individual has with food.

The reason for not tackling these areas is this is that the main purpose of the books being sold is make money, not to resolve weight or food issues on a long term basis…

Weightloss is theoretically EASY…..it ALL comes down to creating a calorie deficit…

Developing a long term relationship with food that is TRULY healthy is tough….

This is where you need a plan that caters for YOU, as an individual, not a mass produced book that may be doing nothing but giving you a short term fix….

That’s all for today, give me a shout if I can help you with anything else,

Tristan ‘lean in 14’ Buttle.

P.S – In my opinion, following Joe Wicks is FAR more optimal than following ANY plan that uses meal replacement shakes or other products, but that’s a conversation for another day…………..

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