When did everything change?!

When did going for a walk become ‘getting your steps in’ ?

When did having your breakfast become ‘meal one about to go down’?

When did going to the gym become ‘hi guys we are in for pull rotation 2b today’?

When did not eating foods that make you feel shit become ‘optimising digestion’?

When did not burning yourself out become ‘managing fatigue levels’.

When did getting enough sleep become ‘optimising the recovery window’?

Walking the dog first thing become ‘fasted am cardio before meal 1’?

When did logging your workouts become ‘3.5 p.p.s on cybex hack, will work in depth later’?

When did chilling out on a night time mean you had to wear ‘blue light blocking glasses’?

When did wearing trainers in the gym get replaced with socks & sliders?

And when did EVERYONE start eating cream of rice?!

The industry wants to label everything & overcomplicate everything whilst trying to repackage the basics with flashy new words & terminology to sell you shit you don’t need!

Don’t allow the stereotypical actions of others to detract you from your goals and don’t fall for fads dressed up with fancy words.

Training & achieving your goals may not be always be easy, but it can be simple.

Stick to the basic principles, do them often, do them progressively, and enjoy the process.

If there’s anything I can do to help, give me a shout.

Tristan ‘when’ Buttle.

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