Why do YOU eat what YOU eat?

why do you eat what you eat?


Why do you eat what you eat?

To help understand your relationship with food, try the following exercise:

Before you are about to eat your food of choice, simply ask yourself why?

  • Did you just grab the nearest thing out of pure hunger?
  • Did you eat for comfort due to a bad day?
  • Did you grab something on the go because of a stressful morning?
  • Did you eat out of boredom?
  • Did you eat out of habit?
  • Did you eat out of actual true enjoyment?
  • Did you eat something because you have been told ‘it’s good for you’?

Understanding why you do what you do is often the first step when it comes to making positive changes.

Being honest & open about your current situation will help you start to make the changes you need to make…

Tristan ‘I ate this burger because it was GOOD’ Buttle.

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