Why Was I Walking In The Snow?


N.E.A.T -Why was I walking in the snow?

‍Well, my goal is currently fat loss and I’m following my current target of 10,000 steps a day minimum.

‍When it comes to fat loss, people often think about going to the gym & changing their diet, few look at their true overall activity levels……….

‍This is classed as N.E.A.T…….

N.E.A.T stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis….

Sounds fancy doesn’t it?

This is a flashy way of describing & grouping all the energy that you expend for everything you do throughout the day, excluding training, sleeping and eating.

All other daily activities, no matter how trivial they may seem in isolation, cutting the grass, washing the car( not in this weather) ,going shopping, or playing with the kids, all add up to factor into your daily N.E.A.T

✅A huge influence in N.E.A.T levels are the total amount of daily steps that you perform…

✅These steps add up & help to play a role in overall energy expenditure which in turn can help towards your goals massively!

Remember, you are the sum of what you the most of.

In simple terms, making an effort to simply move more will have a positive impact on your fat loss goals.

That’s all for today, until the next time,

Tristan ‘10,000 a day’ Buttle.

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