You are not a bodybuilder…

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are not a bodybuilder?

So why are you trying to train & eat like one?

Why try to copy a routine from a pro level bodybuilder when all you want to do is feel better, lose some fat and perhaps build a bit of muscle?

Bodybuilders are the best at what they do, (building muscle & losing fat), but they sacrifice a lot to achieve their goals.

It is certainly not for everyone, and the majority would not be able to stick to such a rigid, robotic, regimented routine.

But sadly, I still see the general population (who have no desire to ever step on stage) get given ‘bodybuilder’ style plans.

This why most people believe that to get in shape you have to live on tuppaware chicken & broccoli 6 times a day, do endless hours of cardio, and never enjoy a meal out!

This does not have to the case.

There are no magical foods & there are no magical training plans.

There is only consistency.

You are not a bodybuilder, and that’s ok. You just need to find something that you enjoy and you CAN stick to.

Tristan ‘not a bodybuilder’ Buttle.

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