You have a choice…

Monday motivation’ is not something I generally buy into…

Instead , I’d like to offer a slightly different perspective…

If you are reading this & you are able bodied/able minded the reality is you are fortunate.

I fully appreciate that physical injury and/or being in a bad place mentally can stand in the way of training but the truth is you still have the choice to do something.

Some people do not have a choice.

They have either been born without that choice or they have had that choice taken away from them.

They would love to be able to do the things you can do.

I acknowledge that everyone’s struggles are relative but I do also believe that perspective is important.

You don’t have to ‘smash’ every workout & you don’t always have to be up for it, but remember that the chances are you DO have a choice to move your body.

Use it.

Tristan ‘choices’ Buttle.

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