You NEED a Plan B….

Are you a busy adult/parent?

If so, when it comes to training, you NEED a Plan B.

The average person (I’m talking general population here) typically sets a target of exercising 3 x per week

Whether that’s gym sessions or classes or a combination of both.

However, life often gets in the way(work, kids, long days, meetings, the list goes on..…) & sadly at least 1 of these 3 sessions is often missed.

The reality is that this missed session is rarely replaced with anything else.

More than often there is no back up plan and there is no substitute in place.

A third of the efforts are simply lost.

This is not an issue now & again, but it’s also not a great plan for true long term success.

When it comes to training, something will ALWAYS beat nothing & action will ALWAYS beat inaction.

Whether it’s ab rollouts whilst watching a baby monitor, or whatever you can sneak in, a quick 20 minute blast at home is a great way to keep things moving and keep you progressing, both mentally & physically.

Do YOU have a plan b?

Tristan ‘plan b’ Buttle.

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